Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Designs (They're So Pretty!)

Final character pieces! Isn't this cool? Wiki sticks out a little bit, it seems, but I think that it might just be that his colors are so far and away from Jay and Cassia's.
Here's Cassia. She's probably changed the least of all. The Tats are gray now, but they'll probably change color regarding her temperament or spells. There was a minor misunderstanding resulting in a full on redesign (which might get posted in the interim between this and the pages), but she's been the most agreed on of the characters. Some of this could relate the fact that I left all of her entirely up to Melia.
Wiki has changed the most in the design process and I still don't know what the final helmet design looks like beyond a sketch in Melia's Moleskin. I'm really happy with the different greens and the contrast between the fabric bits and the metal bits. I think Melia found a great middle ground between Iron Man and The Rocketeer. There are so many little bits here, like the glowing buttons and the stray wires, that make this pop. This is the most pleasant surprise, since I'd never seen Wiki colored before today. Thankfully it works.

Jay is like Teflon in both the comic and the design process. Accessories seem to bounce off of him like bullets. No shoes, no goggles, no necktie, no belt. Melia even forgets to put the fingerless gloves in half the time. I feel like Jay gets vaguely cheated by this whole character design process as he's defined more by his motions and his actions than his look. Still shots like this will be rare for Jay, I assure you.

So there we have it. All three characters, deftly rendered by Melia (*cough* *cough* ). Prepare for another lull between this post and the pages from the prologue we're working on. Maybe I'll post the Cassia misunderstanding as well as some sketches for other characters from down the road.

Doc Caveman?

The Jailers?

Ghost Girl?

Emilia Erhart?

It just depends what I can convince Melia to draw.

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